Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is IDEAS REWARDS?
    • It is a customer loyalty program that incentives shoppers on every transaction that is made. Points are awarded on every transaction to registered loyal customers. Moreover, additional benefits like Birthday Gift Points, Early Access to Sale etc. are part of the program. It is a cardless program which means customer don’t need to carry any loyalty card, their mobile number will act as a loyalty number.


  • What does it mean by “points earning” and “points redemption”?
    • Points Earning : A registered loyal customer earns points on every shopping that he/she does.
    • Fill in the ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Shipping Method’ forms.
    • Points Redemption :When a registered loyal customer chooses to use the previously earned points to make a partial/full payment for a transaction, it is called points redemption.


  • How can I qualify for IDEAS REWARDS?
    • Retail:
      1. Shop and provide your mobile number at the cash counter before making payment.
      2. You’ll receive an SMS with a registration form link.
      3. Fill your details in the form.
      4. You’ll get a One-Time-Password (OTP) on your mobile number.
      5. Enter that OTP to complete your registration process.


  • Is it necessary to fill the form as soon as the link is received?
    • No hurry. You may take your time and fill out the form whenever it is convenient for you. You’ll receive a sign-up bonus once you complete the registration process.


  • If I have any inquiries about earning and redeeming my loyalty points, what should I do?
    • For in-store purchases:
      • If you have a query regarding your loyalty points, you can inform the cashier within 24 hours of the transaction.
    • For online purchases:
      • If you need assistance with your loyalty points, you can contact our customer support team.


  • How much sign-up bonus is given?
    • 10 points


  • What is the worth of each point earned?
    • 1 point = AED 1


  • I shopped and shared my mobile number at cash counter, but didn’t get registration link SMS, Why
      • There can be an issue with the network at the time, you can receive the link when the signals in your phone are restored.
      • If you don't receive the SMS, you can contact your service provider.
  • Can we earn and use points both online and offline?
    • Yes. IDEAS REWARDS is an integrated program. You can shop in-store or online (, earn points and redeem those points in-store or online, as per your choice.


  • When will my points expire?
    • Points earned are valid for 1-year and will expire on FIFO (First-In-First-Out Basis). And don’t worry, you’ll get a reminder SMS, 1-month before the points expires.



  • Is there a difference in points earning percentage, product category-wise?
    • No. we have made it easy. The points are earned on the total bill amount. The percentage of points earned depends on your tier level.


  • What are Tiers in IDEAS REWARDS program?
    • There are total 4 Tier Levels in IDEAS REWARDS program as mentioned below:

Tier Level

Shopping Range in 6 months’ time (AED)

Points Earning Percentage


1 – 1499



1500 – 4499



4500 – 8999



9000 & above



  • How will I be promoted to next tier level?
    • To promote to next tier, you need to meet the shopping range target for a respective tier in 6-month time. If you are close to reaching to the next tier level, you’ll be informed via SMS.


  • Can I be promoted directly from Bronze to Platinum tier level?
    • Yes, it is possible. If you are a Bronze customer and you shop for AED 9,000+ you’ll be directly promoted to Platinum and can start earning 8% points from your next shopping.


  • I was a Bronze customer and today I made a transaction of AED 9,000+, will I get 8% points on today’s transaction?
    • No, on today’s AED 9,000+ transaction you’ll get 1% points (as your active tier is bronze) and from today, you will be upgraded as a Platinum customer.
    • From the next transaction, you’ll start getting 8% points.


  • When will I be demoted from a tier?
    • If you don’t maintain the shopping range of a tier in six months’ time, you’ll be demoted. To avoid that from happening, you’ll get a reminder SMS to shop, one month before getting demoted
    • E.g. To stay a Gold customer, you don’t need to shop for AED 4500 – 8999 in one transaction, rather the total sum of transactions of the last 6 months, should lie in this range.


  • Can I redeem my points on both discounted and non-discounted products?
    • No. Redemption can only be done on non-discounted products.


  • How can I redeem/use my points balance in Retail Store transaction?
    • Once you visit the store and pick up non-discounted products, you can go to the cash counter and tell the cashier that you are an IDEAS REWARDS customer and you want to redeem points.
    • You can redeem points by sharing your registered mobile number. The system will send you One-Time-Password (OTP), which you’ll have to share with the cashier to process points redemption.
    • Please note that the OTP expires after 1 minute. In case the OTP expires, you can ask the cashier to send you a new OTP again.


  • How much time gap do I need to keep to be able to redeem my points?
    • You can redeem your points, 1 day after the points are earned. .
    • Please note that for online orders, the points are awarded, once the customer receives the parcel & payment is completed, then eventually the redemption can be done accordingly.


  • In a retail store transaction where I redeem my points and pay the remaining amount via cash/card, will I earn points also for the amount paid via cash/card?
    • Please note that bill for redemption transactions is made separately. On that redemption transaction, no earning will be done.


  • Is there any limit on redemption amount?
    • There is no limit. All points can be redeemed in a single transaction.


  • How will I know my points balance?
    • Customers get to know the points balance on each transaction via SMS.
    • The points balance is also mentioned on the invoice.
    • You can also ask the cashier.
    • You can also check via signing into your account online at


  • How much birthday rewards will I get?
    • Customer get rewards depending on their tier-level as mentioned below:
      1. Bronze: 25
      2. Silver: 50
      3. Gold: 75
      4. Platinum: 100


  • Can a customer earn/redeem loyalty points on transactions with special offers like bank discounts/employee discounts etc.?
    • No, only one type of discount/benefit can be availed at any one point in time.


  • When a customer reaches counter to redeem points but he/she receives OTP SMS with a delay, what should the cashier do?
    • The cashier may suspend the transaction and move to next, and request the customer to wait while other transaction gets processed.


  • Can points be redeemed on both non-discounted and discounted products?
    • Points can only be redeemed on non-discounted products. The system will give a pop-up and will not allow redemption on transaction where discounted product is included.
    • The cashier will have to create a separate bill/invoice for redemption having the non-discounted item(s) only.
  • Can customer pay partial via loyalty points and partial via cash/card at the same time?
    • Yes.
    • The cashier will have to create a separate bill/invoice for redemption having the non-discounted item(s) only.


  • Do registered loyal customers get free shopping bags?
    • Yes. IDEAS REWARDS registered loyal customers don’t have to pay for shopping bags.
  • Company reserves the right to change, cancel or amend any policy without prior information.